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Pianohaus Markus Hübner  

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About JazzHausMusik

The record label JazzHausMusik exists since 1980. Along with the "Stadtgarten" it has developed out of a self-organized pool of musicians. JazzHausMusik has remained the only European record label in the field of improvised music that is run by the producing musicians themselves. By autumn 2014 JazzHausMusik has released 229 records. From JHM 33 on, all the releases are available on CD.

JazzHausMusik releases about 10 new productions each year in April and October. It is not by chance that the label has its headquarters in Köln. Köln is considered the capital of the Media and of Jazz in Germany. The reputation of JazzHausMusik among the other European labels for jazz and improvised music is grounded on its creative publishing concept: It represents new and established musicians from Köln as well as innovative national and international artists. Proof of the recognition are seven awards of the German record critics and much critical acclaim in the international press. New York City Jazz Record JHM 205 (Georg Ruby-Michel Pilz / "Deuxième Bureau") for example was elected "Best New Release / Album Of The Year 2011".

Groups like Saxophon Mafia, das Niels Klein Tentett, Formationen mit Hannes Zerbe, Michel Pilz, Sebastian Gramss, Robert Landfermann, Henning Berg, Günter Baby Sommer, Rudi Mahall, Claudio Puntin, Hazel Leach or projects of Christina Fuchs, Laia Genc oder Caroline show innovative concepts on the field of improvised music. New productions, for example the debut of New Zealand saxophone player Hayden Chisholm and the trio Gratkowski-Manderscheid-Hemingway find enthusiastic response in the press and public.