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cover JHM 244/Onomato Verlag JHM 244/Onomato Verlag
Johanna Hansen / Georg Ruby
Mein Schlafplatz mein Sprachschatz
Johanna Hansen – texte, voc
Georg Ruby - p

Buch plus Hör-CD / ein literarisches, musikalisches und bildnerisches Projekt mit elf Bildmotiven von Johanna Hansen auf 36 Seiten, Vierfarbdruck

Full of pure joy of intensive improvisation, sometimes without words, just sounds to be heard, fairy-tale texts turned upside down and illustrations. A combination of book and audio CD, in which Johanna Hansen (texts and illustrations) and Georg Ruby (piano improvisation) bring together a book`s reading and improvised piano lines. If you have a weakness for unusual spaces, in which your childhood`s fairy-tales flash here and there, this project could be something for you. Johanna Hansen`s and Georg Ruby`s production is associative, nimbly yet also melancholic, as if you`d meet an unknown twin of which you didn`t know it belonged to you. A book/CD project like a multiple echo. Fragile, delicate and a little bit eccentric.
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