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Hannes Zerbe Jazz Orchester Berlin
Jürgen Kupke, Silke Eberhard, Nico Lohmann, Dirk Engelhardt, Gebhard Ullmann, Alexander Beierbach- reeds / Damir Bacikin, Nikolaus Neuser, Christian Magnusson - tp / Stefan Most, Florian Juncker, Alistair Duncan, Matthew Booket - low brass / Jörg Schippa g / Horst Nonnenmacher - b / Christian Marien - dr / Hannes Zerbe - p & cond.

To find inspiration for his jazz orchester Hannes Zerbe loves to get close to material of the classical sector of Serious Music. In this process he succeeds to create a fluent exchange between two concepts that only seem to stand side by side in incompatible juxtaposition - characterized by the originality of his sound ideas and cogency of his vision of improvisation.