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cover RFF-1414 DVD RFF-1414 DVD
Charlie Mariano
Last Visits (DVD)

Extras: Konzert im K&oulm;lner Stadtgarten (April 2008), Booklet `Tribute to Charlie Mariano`, Realfiction Trailershow
Laufzeit: 99 Min. (Hauptfilm) + 52 Min. (Extras)
Bild: 16:9
Ton: 2.0
Sprache: Mehrsprachiges Original
Untertitel: deutsch (nicht ausblendbar)
FSK: ab 0 Jahren freigegeben
Label: good!movies
Vertrieb: Indigo
EAN-Code: 4047179997782
Bestell-Nr.: DV 99977-8

`Tears of Sound` - that’s what famous bass player Charlie Mingus called his sound: Charlie Mariano, saxophone-player, composer, world musician. One among the greatest in jazz. Nobody influenced the European jazz as Charlie Mariano did an he inspired generations of musicians. In july 2009 he died at the age of 85 years. In his last year the film accompanies Charlie Mariano to his concerts and visits him at home where he tells the story of his life. Extensive and exclusive scenes from his birthday concert in Stuttgart and from a concert in Cologne let the audience experience Charlie Mariano live in concert for one last time. Release: 8th Dec 2014
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