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Pianohaus Markus Hübner  

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cover JHM 254 JHM 254
Valk / Mahnig / Manderscheid / Sternal
Dominik Mahnig - dr
Dieter Manderscheid - b
Sebastian Sternal - p
Claudius Valk - ss, ts

Valk-Mahnig-Manderscheid-Sternal is a band of musicians coming from different generations. An "Island tour through changeable seas", as metaphor of the project`s musical structure, runs like a thread through the release "POP". Its "natural ports" are the band`s original works and pieces of New York based colleague Thomas Heberer, but "open bays" are compositions of Claude Debussy and Karlheinz Stockhausen – inspiring interpretations by Valk-Mahnig-Manderscheid-Sternal. Spontaneous improvisations during changing wind and weather complete the structure of this release. As result there is a considerable different variation of POP music: dramatic, pensive, wild, groovy, spontaneous, ecstatic and especially not streamlined or "off the rack".