Blau Frontal – Bad Times Roll

JHM 061

Roger Hanschel - reeds
Rainer Linke - b
Hans Lüdemann - p

Mark Feldman - violin
Hank Roberts - cello

  1. Warming Up (7'24)
  2. Staffel Shuffle (7'45)
  3. Zerkall Bleu (4'24)
  4. No Hau (8'19)
  5. Bad Times Roll (4'12)
  6. Teilquintett (4'27)
  7. The Slur (7'05)
  8. The Winner's Tears (2'22)

"Well, this one sure is something lively ... the trio is reinforced by the presence of the Arcado cracks Roberts and Feldman - each individual idea opportunity taken seems to multiply the trio's already existing colors, without blurring the crystal clear precision of their playing as a group. The strings and Hanschel are like a warm brealike a warm breath that steams in the rattling cold. Feldman and the sopranino are a perfect complement." (JazzThetik)