Oliver Strauch / Hans Mittermüller – Eine Musik namens Rilke

JHM 153

Oliver Strauch - dr, perc
Hans Mittermüller - voc

1. Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke (28'05) / 2. Der Panther (2'37) / 3. Miniatur für Schlagzeug (1'49) / 4. Irre im Garten (2'19) / 5. Der Knabe (1'04) / 6. Das Karussell (2'52) / 7. Tod der Geliebten (0'58)

Drummer and percussionist Oliver Strauch from Saarbrücken and "word musician" Hans Mittermüller, one of Germany`s most renowned actors/narrators, discovered their love to an old elegic and dramatic text of the Belle Epoque: Rainer Maria Rilke`s "Cornet". Closely to the words both improvise to this highly musical piece of prose: the tragic story of the young standard-bearer of the first Austrian-Turkish War (1663-64), the famous Rilke-like "wordscape" melting music, words and sound, poetry and prose.

Der Panther