Christina Fuchs & NDR Big Band Live – Soundscapes - Music for Jazz Orchestra

JHM 154

Christina Fuchs - cond, comp, arr

1. Shadow & Light (10'54) / 2. Zoë and Me (5'23) / 3. Lai Nairs (5'3) / 4. Loopholes (10'45) / 5. Textures of Memory (12'30) / 6. Nemioke II (6'32) / 7. Just Watching The Light Change (6'54)

"Soundscapes" has been commissioned by the NDR jazz editors who wanted a concert program for the NDR big band taking up a whole evening. Christina Fuchs, composer and arranger from Cologne, leader of the United Women`s Orchestra (JHM 99, JHM 123) presented the result of this project on November 17th and 18th 2005 in the Rolf-Liebermann-Saal in Hamburg. The extraordinary soloists of the NDR big band play the powerful compositions of Christina Fuchs technically first class, yet still very empathetic, letting the composer`s soundscapes coming to life: familiar, yet still new. Another "First": Christian Fuchs is the first female conductor in the history of the NDR big band!

Zoe and Me