Quartetto Pazzo – Melancholera

JHM 158

Christof Thewes - tb
Rudi Mahall - bcl
Tomas Ulrich - vcl
Dirk Peter Kölsch - dr

01. Die 1000 Augen des Dr. Faustos (3'46) / 02. Schneller als je (5'37) / 03. Alles-Nix (5'52) / 04. Kastenspinnert (5'26) / 05. 4 Migge (7'15) / 06. Orange circus - yellow circus (6'14) / 07. Schmach Schach (11'05) / 08. Freakwavesurfingly (5'18) / 09. Melancholera (5'46) / 10. Am End (3'42)


Melancholera, that`s the new release of Quartetto Pazzo, the band of trombone player Christof Thewes from Saarbrücken and bass clarinet playing Rudi Mahall from Berlin. Thewes and Mahall work together since 1999 in various ensembles - always looking for exciting encounters on a musical terrain between free improvisation, groove and structured material. Their play reaches highest instumental and energy levels, it is dedicated yet free of dogma and is "committed to moment`s endlessness" (Christof Thewes).

The current cast list features versatile drummer Dirk Peter Kölsch ("Underkarl"), which Christof Thewes has taken into the band, and cello playing Tomas Ulrich from New York. He is one of the few musicians that play strings who really improvise. Not only he`s internationally highly acclaimed, the Quartetto Pazzo moreover gains a lot of the spirit he brings into the band.