Günter Baby Sommer - Frank Paul Schubert – Hic Sunt Leones

JHM 165

1. Planeta Zweifarben (8'05) / 2. Bes-em-heb (7'58) / 3. Hügel vom Eichenried (6'30) / 4. Wurzelwerk (7'36) / 5. Sitten und Gebräuche (7'19) / 6. Tanzstunde (7'01) / 7. Hannibal’s Tabledance (5’21) / 8. Nicht Umdrehen! (9'57) / 9. Dino’s Lullaby (4'37)

Günter "Baby" Sommer, one of the most important drummers of the European improvisation music scene, comes together with saxophone player Frank Schubert from Berlin. The CD is a document of how a coincidental encounter at an improvisation festival in the German Hessian suburbs can have great outcome because of the matching musical attitudes of two great musicians. The ensemble playing is instinctively assure and never threatens to loose the balance of musical tension still being spontaneous and full of colourful details - instant composing in the very meaning of the word.

"Hic Sunt Leones' power and finesse make it album of the year material." Wire-Poll, 2008