Georg Ruby Piano Solo – Personal Songbook

JHM 175

1. Prison Song (2’52) / 2. R.P.D.D. (4'54) / 3. Potosi (6’43) / 4. Dark man sneaking round the corner - The Stalker (6'48) / 5. Bye Bye Blackbird (7'08) / 6. Strange Loops (4'35) / 7. Aila by Starlight (5'14) / 8. Und über uns der Himmel (6'43) / 9. Prison Song (Reprise) (0'54)

It occurs that Theo Mackeben`s (1897-1953) "Bei Dir war es immer so schön" can be heard with a free improvised "instant composition", followed by a special version of "Bye, Bye Blackbird" while listening to a solo concert of Georg Ruby. Spontaneity meets structure, sounds interfuse groove. Georg Ruby`s first solo piano production "Personal Songbook" is like a diversified, across-the-board improvisational network creating interactions between traditional jazz improvisation and totally different musical concepts, such as elements of New Music, German hits from the 20ies/30ies or 90ies HipHop music. His play is characterized by groove, beat and swing as well as abstract free-tonal, lyrical or dynamic free improvised passages.