Mahall-Nabatov-Lillinger-Landfermann – Nicht ohne Robert Vol.1

JHM 186

Rudi Mahall – bcl
Simon Nabatov – p
Robert Landfermann – b
Christian Lillinger – dr

1. I (18’08) / 2. II (10’36) / 3. III (13’18) / 4. IV (11’34)

"Nicht ohne Robert Vol.1" is the beginning of a series of concerts - including live recordings - of bass player Robert Landfermann from Cologne. Each time the musicians meet without having met or rehearsed before or having made any prior arrangement - music for and out of the moment.The music on this CD has been recorded on the first concert night at Loft, Cologne, featuring Rudi Mahall, Simon Nabatov and Christian Lillinger.