Olaf Lind Quartet – Drift

JHM 202

Leonhard Huhn - as, ss, cl, fl, comp
Stefan Karl Schmid - ts, ss, bcl, comp
Marcel Richard - b, comp
Rafael Calman - dr, perc

1. Drift King (5’11) / 2. Alleine Einschlafen (3’24) / 3. The Hedgehog (6’03) / 4. Ein Kopf auf dem Regal (3’52) / 5. Die Tür muss zu (6’38) / 6. AJ (3’56) / 7. Der kleine Kobold Rotzepuh (3’52) / 8. Alura (4’34) / 9. Foolish Mind (5’35) / 10. Floating (4’16) / 11. Sie ist krank (6’33

Exciting, charming and full of hidden meaning the Olaf Lind Quartett presents itself on its debut album, being one of the leading young bands of Cologne, one of Germany’s leading cities if it comes to improvisation. Two reed players, bass and drums create in their interaction vivid, pleasantly surprising improvisations, based on ideas and developed structures that mean always taking peppy, creative detours that are typical for a band of this class. Thin lines between composition and free improvisation, time and sound, group improvisation and solo performance define this piece of contemporary jazz, that is strong, warm and full of passion for details.