Krassport – The Planets

JHM 206

Manuel Krass - p
Johannes Schmitz - g
Daniel "D-Flat" Weber - dr

1. Ouverture (10'33) / 2. Mars- The Bringer of War (15’48) / 3. Venus – The Bringer of Peace Part 1 (3’57) / 4. Venus – The Bringer of Peace Part 2 (4’01) / 5. Mercury – The Winged Messenger (6’40) / 6. Jupiter – The Bringer of Jollity (7’21) / 7. Saturn – The Bringer of Old Age (11’24) / 8. Uranus – The Magician (6’56) / 9. Neptune – The Mystic (7‘07)

"The Planets – Discovering Gustav Holst" is Krassports deconstructing examination of the Romantic orchestra suite "The Planets" of Gustav Holst, the English composer who is held in high esteem not only in his native country. In a very surprising way this examination transfers the colourfulness of this Romantic composition for orchestra to an improvising jazz piano trio. Grooves, bizarre sounds and structures, sometimes reminding of patterns of Neue Musik, sometimes working in free improvisation: "The Planets" features all of that, without ever being eclectic.

  • "Flexibel und kreativ hat das Trio Krassport den Ahnungen von Holst eine aktuelle Bedeutung gegeben." (Hans-Dieter Grünefeld, Hifi & Records 2013)
  • "This pattern (an eighth note triplet, 2 quarter notes, 2 eighth notes and a quarter note) and undoubtedly other components of Holst’s music come as musical starting points for the talented trio, which develop the music extensively (three of the cuts are over ten minutes long) in the language of modern and sometimes free jazz." (Don Lerman, Cadence Magazine, Oct-Dec 2013: 163)
  • "Interesting release that claims Gustav Holst as their inspiration. A trio of piano, guitar, and drums. Sometimes modern jazz, sometimes proggy, some ideas of classical and avant-garde. A neat concept." (Dave Sumner,, 08 V 2012)