Hazel Leach / PLoTS – Songs from the Edge

JHM 208

Simin Tander - voc
Tessa Zoutendijk - violin
Esmee Olthuis - ss, as
Laia Genc - p

Hazel Leach - lyrics, concept

1. Mask (5’22) / 2. The Watcher (5’13) / 3. Little Lives (4’38) / 4. Don’t Look Down (6’11) / 5. My Sisters and I (5’30) / 6.Voices (4’38) / 7. Mirror (4’31) / 8. According to Albert (5‘01)

The art of listening. Simin Tander (voice), Laia Genc (piano), Esmee Olthuis (saxophones) and Tessa Zoutendijk (violin) are "PLoTS", an ensemble of top-flight musicians. They combine their voices to form a musical unity which lies between modern jazz and refined songwriting. The individual elements remain audible, yet can intensely move the listener emotionally: they don’t just complete each other, they flow into one another. The concept, music and lyrics are by Hazel Leach ("United Womens’ Orchestra", JHM 99/123), one of the most known activists of, as it were, democratic jazz. On the one hand, her ideas and concepts are convincing enough to commit the musicians to a common goal. On the other hand she opens up huge spaces for their creative potential. The songs deal with an uncommon subject: psychosis. Hazel Leach empathizes with it in her lyrics and compositions in such a way that the only thing left for the musicians seems to be performing them. But what this ensemble contributes musically goes way above and beyond this: as empathy goes, this couldn’t be better.

"Die CD fordert die Zuhörenden heraus, es empfiehlt sich, sich ganz auf das Hörerlebnis einzulassen. Es lohnt sich –diese CD hört man sich nicht nur einmal an, es gibt bei jedem Hören immer wieder etwas Neues, Unerwartetes zu entdecken." Melodiva 06/2012, Marion Möhle

The Watcher
My Sisters and I
According to Albert