Johannes Schmitz – Generation Well

JHM 223

1. There Is Nothing to Hide...So Stop Shh...Wasting My Nose! (3'34) / 2. Music Is the Stealing Force (5'47) / 3. Please Sign, You Look Like A Clerk! (1'29) / 4. Raped By Apes (8'40) / 5. Fukurousan (1'53) / 6. Der ist eine Legende, der darf das (3'54) / 7. Empireric Part I - Intangibility and Subversion (2'52) / 8. Empireric Part II - Mind Dictators (6'02) / 9. This Is the One Trane Would Have Eschewed The Most! (0'46) / 10. Hipsters of Reaction (3'39) / 11. Attun Palalin (1'59)

Johannes Schmitz is a sound artist who has started early to deal with music of very different kinds: whether with Neue Musik, the surreal sound of British pop bands, the hard sounds of thrash and death metal bands - and soon, of course, with the sound sculptures of improvised music and jazz. Creating short and simple compositions with spontaneous and completely free passages Johannes Schmitz opens up a lot of opportunities for instant redesigning and reinventing his original ideas. By listening to this musician improvising to his own loops, putting a complete band ensemble into the listeners’ minds, thereby entering into communication with himself, there is only one thing left to say: a ventured and gained project. Unbeatable guitar.