Michel Pilz & Jean Noël Cognard – Ressuage

JHM 243

Michel Pilz - bcl
Itaru Oki - tp, fl
Benjamin Duboc - b, voc
Jean Noël Cognard - dr, objects
Patrick Müller - electronics
Sébastian Rivas - laptop

1. Portiques Indéformables (7'55) / 2. De Béton Et De Verre (2'58) / 3. Les Travées Basses des Façades (6'55) / 4. Module d'Échanges (2'55) / 5. Pré-Tension (3'27) / 6. Voiles Suspendues (5'13) / 7. Emprise Ferroviaire (5'43) / 8. Long Pan Opposé (7'27) / 9. Alcôve Dissimulée (5'16) 

The German-Luxembourgian bass clarinet player Michel Pilz is one of the world`s most original and imaginative musicians in the field of improvisation music since the end of the 1970ies. He planned his project RESSUAGE together with a mastermind of the French free improvisation scene, the Parisian drummer Jean-Noel Cognard. On RESSUAGE there are no themes or changes, collective improvisation is the rule. Wouldn`t there be some extremely exciting irritations: first of all the surprisingly jazzy bass ostinati in an almost groovy manner, then the soundscapes of the band`s two „electronic technicians“ Patrick Müller und Sébastian Rivas. They re-define the band`s ways of communication in improvisation over and over again and sometimes even edit live the acoustic signal of each.

Portique Indéformables
De Béton et De Verre