Johanna Hansen / Georg Ruby – Mein Schlafplatz mein Sprachschatz

JHM 244/Onomato Verlag

Johanna Hansen – text, voc
Georg Ruby - p

book + audio CD

Full of pure joy of intensive improvisation, sometimes without words, just sounds to be heard, fairy-tale texts turned upside down and illustrations. A combination of book and audio CD, in which Johanna Hansen (texts and illustrations) and Georg Ruby (piano improvisation) bring together a book`s reading and improvised piano lines. If you have a weakness for unusual spaces, in which your childhood`s fairy-tales flash here and there, this project could be something for you. Johanna Hansen`s and Georg Ruby`s production is associative, nimbly yet also melancholic, as if you`d meet an unknown twin of which you didn`t know it belonged to you. A book/CD project like a multiple echo. Fragile, delicate and a little bit eccentric.