Hazel Leach & The Composers' Orchestra Berlin – Postcard Collection

JHM 258

Hazel Leach - leader

1. Postcard 10 Caracas (8'07) / 2. Postcard 11 Tucumán (7'07) / 3. Postcard 7: Berwick upon Tweed (6'57) / 4. Postcard 8 Lima (6'58) / 5. Postcard 9 Kalávrita (7'37) / 6. Postcard aus Schlabendorf am See (8'17) / 7. Postcard 5 Bonn (4'17) / 8. Postcard No.2: Berlin 1929 (3'53)

The Composers' Orchestra Berlin is an ensemble in which all musicians are as well their own `preparatory workers` as composers. Each piece surprises, tells stories and creates a genre crossing space in which most differents styles – classical European chamber music, improvised music and jazz, world music, pop or Neue Musik – unite. There is no fixed line-up: the composers have the opportunity to choose musicians out of the COB`s `pool`. This way a highly interesting space for experiments has been established opening up opportunities to combine styles of whatever kind. For her COB project "Postcard Collection" conductor Hazel Leach has `collected` elements of waltzes, a great collection of musical ideas from very different corners of the world – all based on the variations of the scheme of three-four time. The release includes seven of these `postcards` inspired by music from Venezuela, Peru, Argentine, Greece, Great Britain and Germany – all individually arranged and orchestrated for the COB`s members.

  • "I quite enjoyed listening to this music even before I realized it is not primarily jazz. Just music, good music." (Cadence Jazz Magazine, 2018 Annual Print Edition)


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Postcard 10 Caracas
Postcard 7: Berwick upon Tweed
Postcard aus Schlabendorf am See