Die Parzäros – La Cachaca

JHM 268

Juan-Pablo González-Tobón - g
Joan Chavez - b
Luis-Javier Londoño - dr, perc


1. Galleguiando (1'14) / 2. Tosqué (4'47) / 3. Madera negra (5'57) / 4. Tanz der Kamele (4'32) / 5. Kama de Shrekens (4'39) / 6. El Cuarto (5'29) / 7. Tunel (5'23) / 8. Un Porrito para Noica (6'45) / 9. Q'hubo Pues (6'09) / 10. La Rebuscona (5'54) / 11. La Cachaca Galleguiando (1'07)

The three Columbian musicians, "Die Parzäros" ("The Buddies"), do the trick on "La Cachaca": with their guitar player Juan-Pablo González-Tobón they develop music from their own folklore, preserving its traditional elements, but in addition to it, sometimes adventurously enrichening it by using structures of jazz and improvised music. "Die Parzäros" impress by the closeness to their tradition as musical "native speakers" and also surprise by remarkably opening up their concept to the latest forms of jazz and rock.

(release date: Oct 16, 2019)

  • "Die Pazäros have a unique schtick – do (actually, don’t) correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure there’s no other successful integrations of Colombian traditional music and raw jazz-rock out there? And successful it is. They crack, snap and drive with an endearing uncooked, organic roughness; almost ‘unthinking’, it is so instinctive, so visceral. They naturally, easily bounce off each other." (Ian Ward, UK Vibe, 12 Okt 2019)
  • "This album serves as a positive introduction to the band's Latin-based jazz-rock sound and, while the band is already noteworthy, indicates the likelihood of them reaching even higher levels in the future. [...] [T]he album's primary traits are those of solid musicianship and songwriting." (Phillip Woolever, All About Jazz, 2 Jan 2020)

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Madera negra
Tanz der Kamele
Q'hubo Pues