Lisa Hoppe's Third Reality – The Mighty Unlikely

JHM 269

David Leon - sax
Tal Yahalom - g
Lisa Hoppe - b

1. Les Oreilles (5'52) / 2. Extraterrestrials Calling Home (4'58) / 3. Jakubijân (5'43) / 4. Procrastination Canon (4'37) / 5. The Weirdness Of You (3'15) / 6. Progress Is Rushing In (2'25) / 7. 8 Hungy Birds & A Sick Weasel (4'07) / 9. Material Reality (3'34) / 9. You Don't Know (What Love Is) (2'36)

On her first album "The Mighty Unlikely" Lisa Hoppe, an outstanding double bass player, creates trio ambience in chamber music format widening the borders of the so-called acoustic music, of jazz, using elements from free jazz, improvised music as well as sounds and noises, speech and vocal structures. The album's music has been recorded in a loft in Brooklyn trying to catch the very special local chamber musical aura. Lisa Hoppe deliberately does not use percussion instruments, though there are sort of typical drum characteristics in her arrangements, grooves and beats. Thus the tasks of the three instruments within the band change very often: melody, rhythm, soundscape, accompaniment are parameters for all musicians involved avoiding conventional role allocation.

(release date: Oct 16, 2019)

  • "Kameralna muzyka zespołu porusza wyobraźnię i hipnotyzuje zarówno mrocznym klimatem, jak kontrastującymi z nim feeriami barw." (Long Play, Sep 2019)
Les Oreilles
Extraterrestrials Calling Home
Progress Is Rushing In
8 Hungry Birds & A Sick Weasel