Leon Maria Plecity – Otherworld

JHM 270

Leon Maria Plecity - g
Julius Gawlik - ts
Niklas Roever - p
Roger Kintopf - b
Felix Ambach - dr

1. The End Of A Voyage (9'00) / 2. Waves Of Light (4'14) / 3. Inner Riot (7'50) / 4. Halcyon Bird (8'46) / 5. Otherworld (7'31) / 6. Ondine (6'42) / 7. Fear Of Rejection (8'33) / 8. Dawn (4'33)

Leon Maria Plecity's music on the one hand is conceptionally rooted in the tradition of jazz, on the other hand he does not shrink from including an excessive variety of contemporary influences in to his concept. In doing so the band uses meandering melodies and fat grooves acting with intelligent enjoyment of playing for the cause of present-day US jazz' tradition. The team that plays wonderfully well together creates a dense musical fabric which has its base in a state of maximum ease, that is almost provoking. As musical role models Plecity names musicians from Pat Metheny's sphere: David Binney, Chris Potter und Antonio Sanchez.

(release date: Oct 16, 2019)

  • "Urodzony w 1995 roku w Dusseldorfie gitarzysta i kompozytor Leon Maria Plecity uchodzi za jednego z najbardziej obiecujących gitarzystów jazzowych w Niemczech." (Long Play, 28 Sep 2019)
  • "This is an album full of variety which will hold the listener’s attention throughout. The musicianship is of the highest order as is the recording quality and although you may not know Plecity just yet, make a note of the name because he is likely to soon be joining the ranks of the best of the current crop of jazz guitarists." 5/5 (Alan Musson, UKvibe, 31 Oct 2019)
  • "Sein Debütalbum klingt allerdings bereits meisterlich. [...] Er besitzt ein fabelhaftes Gespür dafür, die Aufmerksamkeit mit variationsreichen, weit schwingenden Melodielinien zu binden oder auch Anklänge an Figuren aus Hard Rock, Fusion und manchmal auch Folk aufkommen zu lassen. Ein rundum schlüssiges und ausgereiftes Debütalbum." (Werner Stiefele, RONDO - Nr. 1130, 04-10 Jan 2020)

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Waves of Light
Halcyon Bird