Ramsch – Carabattola

JHM 272

Pio Schürmann - p, spinet
Martin Wyss - b
Daniel Weber - dr
Robin Michel (guest) - electronics

1. Prozession 1 (3'44) / 2. Sfazù (9'22) / 3. Schreie und Flüstern (6'39) / 4. Schlummermorchel (7'36) / 5. Wabe (5'28) / 6. Prozession 2 (5'32) / 7. Baumgrenze (11'19)

Ramsch is a freely improvising trio from Basel using musical means in order to make socially relevant forms of communication audible, visible, available and therefore experienceable. Claims to musical leadership in this project change every second, not only being accepted within the band's interaction but also demanded, ascribed and often also provoked. For three weeks the four musicians let themselves inspire and musically seduce by the remoteness of the Suisse Poschiavo valley close to the Italian border. Starting with field recordings of the unique quickly changing atmosphere of the valley the four improvisers condensed and transformed the results bringing them live into their musical discourse: a swarm of bees turns into a rolling mill, the human voice into a mountain stream, textures melt, nature takes back its sounds - being assured of the support of the Ramsch microscope.

(release date: Apr 16, 2020)

  • "Wild und unablässig wuselt es, wird interagiert, gefordert und gepusht, ein kollektives und lebhaftes Miteinander von Instrumenten, die in der Natur Gehörtes in klangliche Texturen umsetzen. [...] Auf geht's auf Hörwanderschaft - atemberaubende klangliche Landschaften und Aussichten sind garantiert. Entdeckerseelen werden belohnt." (Thomas Volkmann, Jazzpodium 5-6 2020: 67).
  • "These improvisations constantly mutate from the rugged to the refined and include voice intimations, double bass power plucks, grinding wave form continuum and cultivated percussion asides. Because of these strategies, the quartet sounds as if it would be comfortable in (m)any musical situations." (Ken Waxman, JazzWord, 2 Aug 2020)

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Prozession 1
Schreie und Flüstern
Prozession 2