A.R.K. – Music by Endangered Species

JHM 281

1. Farben des Himmels (4'22) / 2. Careful (3'27) / 3. And the Lady Shaves Her Legs (5'35) / 4. Dancin' in the Streets (5'43) / 5. Question Mark? (5'19) / 6. As If It Always Has Been a Part of Me (4'04) / 7. When Strength is in Your Eyes (5'12) / 8. The Sun (3'44) / 9. And You Leave in the Mid of Night (5'38) / 10. Das Inselschloss (3'06) / 11. The Sun Rises (4'51)

Andreas Kaling, specialist for original, saxophone-oriented projects, presents something completely new with his trio A.R.K.: a bass saxophone as deep base within an ensemble. As a bass saxophone is not a double bass "Music By Endangered Species" sounds different at each point of improvisation, even more original, more gripping. A.R.K. is meant as English translation of the German word "Arche" ('Ark of special instruments') or rather the initial letters of the names of the band's three members. Each piece has been composed by Andreas Kaling, who is leader of the band. In the rehearsing process the trio develops his compositions further, using the creative circle's input to let the arrangements shine in different lights, questioning and changing old structures over and over again. That's how typical A.R.K. sounds evolve: from simple forms as well as from higly complex and nested ones.

(release date: 14 May 2021)

Farben des Himmels
And The Lady Shaves Her Legs
Dancin' In The Streets
As If It Always Has Been A Part Of Me
And You Leave In The Mid Of Night
Das Inselschloss
The Sun Rises