JassLab – The Knef Composer Project

rubyRec 06

Markus Koch - tp
Sebastian Büscher - ts
Georg Ruby - p (als Gast)
Uwe Beine - b
Vincenc Deckstein - dr


Hildegard Knef is a legend: her work as actress, author and singer reveals an almost incredible bundle of talents combined with an extraordinarily energetic gift of expression. Her husband, David Cameron, thought of her as "a woman and a half". A woman that in all of her facets was giving off a lot more than a common star could ever do. Nevertheless, also an artistic shining light as Hilde Knef has, at least in music, profited from the teams doing the groundwork for her - especially from her composers and arrangers, without whom this fantastic collection of Knef songs never would have been possible. JassLab therefore has dedicated "The Knef Composer Project" to all the great colleagues, that have laid the musical basis for numerous Knef albums over the decades - and of course in the first place to those who are responsible for the compositions on this album: Ralph Maria Siegel, Charly Niessen, Hans Hammerschmidt, Theo Mackeben and Cole Porter.