Konzentrat – Initium

rubyrec 08

Scarlett Seither - voc
Petra Marcolin - viola
Lukas Reidenbach - b
Luis Cardoso - g
Dominik Rivinius - dr

The project "Konzentrat" is an ensemble that dedicates itself to musical deconstruction. Their work is based on original, seldom performed compositions of the American Songbook - which are compositions of Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock, Steve Swallow and Thelonious Monk - individually revised and arranged by the members of the band.

Scarlett Seither, Petra Marcolin, Lukas Reidenbach, Luis Sales Cardoso and Dominik Rivinius are studying jazz at the College of Music Saar (Hochschule für Musik/HFM).